highlights of the Flemish Ardennes


The green highlight


The Flemish Ardennes, a rural region, is situated in southern East Flanders. The southern boundary is the linguistic border between Flanders and Wallonia. Between the landscape’s folds are thirteen municipalities and four cities, Geraardsbergen, Oudenaarde, Ronse and Zottegem, located. As these cities have populations that do not exceed 30,000 inhabitants, joviality is common in the Flemish Ardennes. Here you will bump into each other, but also bump into its (textile) history.


The meandering streams and roads, the rough cobblestones, the patchwork of forests and fields and the hills are thè characteristics of the Flemish Ardennes. The densely wooded hills are like rosary beads lying from east to west. The ramps led to panoramic views that have been inspiring artists for centuries. Nevertheless, these natural attractions charm the tourists as well. In treeless East Flanders the Flemish Ardennes may be considered as the most wooded area in East Flanders. Both the forests on the hills and the small nature reserves attract the tourists.


Thanks to its attractive landscape the Flemish Ardennes are very popular for walkers and cyclists. The sporty cyclist likes to measure up to the heroes of the Tour of Flanders that for decades has had its highlight here. This region also has many possibilities for mountain bikers and equestrians.


However, you do not have to make an effect to enjoy “Flanders Most Beautiful Landscape”. Everywhere culinary temptations are great. Regional products and especially the local beer prove that the Flemish Ardennes, ànd the beer, are authentic. Something you will definitely come back for!


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