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Welcome to the MOU, the museum of Oudenaarde


The MOU is housed in the town hall, the pride of Oudenaarde. This is a beautiful example of the richly decorated Gothic architectural style. The belfry tower of the town hall is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



The town hall takes us five hundred years back in time, the years of Emperor Charles V. It was built around 1530. It is no coincidence that this is the beginning of a great heyday for Oudenaarde. We owe this highlight to the tapestry industry that flourished here in the 16th century and employed thousands of people.


In the MOU you will be introduced to a number of beautiful tapestries that are woven in and around Oudenaarde. In our time you can find tapestries from Oudenaarde in numerous top European collections, and even all over the world. Fortunately also in Oudenaarde itself. Our collection of 37 tapestries, with 18 which are on display in the ancient cloth hall; is also constantly expanding!


The second major part of your visit is the silversmith collection, one of the largest in Flanders.


opening hours MOU Museum


Tuesday till Friday :

9.30 am - 5.30 pm

Saturday, Sunday & Holidays :

closed on Monday

10 am - 5.30 pm





Reservation is obligatory : click on the link below to book your visit








Beastly! exhibition from 22 April until 30 September 2022 - MOU Oudenaarde The exhibition Beastly! highlights the particularly rich theme of animal representation in the art of tapestry.

The MOU Museum shows for the first time some thirty tapestries from Oudenaarde, Enghien, and Geraardsbergen in which animals play the leading role. Confronting the tapestries are all kinds of objects, including a cabinet of art and curiosities with mounted animals and other “naturalia,” a fantastic dragon skeleton, and a veritable animal parade. In this way, Beastly! offers the visitor a richly varied look at the wonderful world of animals in this period.



Tickets can be purchased online in advance or at the ticketing office on the day.


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